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Introducing AI Assist for Structured Prompt

We are excited to announce the addition of AI Assist, an exciting new feature for Structured Prompt. This innovative tool uses advanced artificial intelligence to transform basic input into a fully-formed TRACI prompt, which users can then edit and fine-tune to suit their specific needs.

Free Prompt – Role Playing Game for ChatGPT

Chatterly Manor: An Interactive Adventure with Author Joseph Conrad as Your Game Master Free Prompt for ChatGPT Introduction: Delve into the mysterious world of Chatterly Manor, an interactive text-based game that allows you to explore a sprawling mansion, search for...

The Power of 4: Four Benefits of Using JSON Prompts with GPT-4

As the world of artificial intelligence continues to expand, users are looking for ways to optimize their interactions with GPT-4. One valuable tool in this regard is the JSON prompt, a structured input format that promotes precision, consistency, and customization. In this post, we outline 4 key advantages of using JSON prompts with ChatGPT-4.

Structured JSON Prompts are even better in GPT-4.

GPT-3.5 vs GPT-4 Same Prompt Comparison. Earlier today I posted a video demo of the new library feature in our Structured Prompt app. In the video I used ChatGPT 3.5 and the prompts worked well for the most part. I just tried the same prompts in ChatGPT 4 (GPT-4) and they are MUCH better in GPT-4. Here are the results…