Quick Start Guide

Lesson 1 – Quickly build a Freeform Prompt and a Structured Prompt

Lesson 2 – Quick overview of Structured Prompt Notation

Lesson 3 – Overview of AI-Assist Prompt Builder Options

Lesson 4 – Quick Look at Prompt Documentation Features

Lesson 5 – Introduction to Prompt Elements (Reusable Prompt Parts)

Lesson 6 – Create an AI Assist Prompt Model Based on an Existing Prompt

More Videos

Element Models for AI-Assist

Introducing the new drag-and-drop Visual Builder for Structured Prompt

New Feature: Prompt Models enable you to build your own Prompt Structure and use with AI-Assist

Overview of the new Ratings and Favorites Feature

New – Prompt Documentation Features

Overview of new Program Prompts Feature

Create a Mini GPT with the free Structured Prompt Notation editor (no login required)

Overview of the all-new Structured Prompt