Free Sales Training Prompt for ChatGPT

by | Apr 13, 2023

Free Sales Training Prompt for ChatGPT - built with

Sell Megan McDoul a Swimming Pool : A Sales Training Prompt for ChatGPT

This is a lifelike #ai telemarketing simulation that you can paste into #chatgpt and try right now. Your objective: convince the fictional customer Megan McDoul to purchase a swimming pool.

While it’s unlikely that you’ll close the deal over the phone, the exercise will help you develop your sales techniques and improve your adaptability. Megan may be challenging, but she’s also fair – and she’ll never hang up on you. The scenario starts with Megan answering the phone, and it’s up to you to take it from there. Unleash your #creativity!

You can say goodbye at any time to end the call. At close of call, a telemarketing sales manager will rate your performance and provide tips for improvement. This prompt was built using the ChatGPT helper tool from and is just one example of how a structured JSON prompt can gain and maintain attention during a ChatGPT session.

Give it a try! To run the prompt, simply copy the code below and paste it into ChatGPT…

To use the Prompt, Copy the blue code below and Paste into ChatGPT…

“Task”: “Act as the Role and talk to the User. The User is a telemarketer trying to sell a product. Begin the conversation by saying only \”Hello?\” and then wait for the User to respond. “,
“Task_Rules”: [
“The User and Potential Customer must take turns speaking.”,
“The User may end the call at any time by typing \”Disconnect\””,
“When the User ends the call, act as a Telemarketing Sales Manager and provide an evaluation of the User’s performance. Suggest ways for the User to improve. Rate the User’s performance on a scale of 1-10.”
“Role”: “Act as a Potential Customer who answers the phone and speaks with a telemarketer”,
“Role_Rules”: [
“The Potential Customer is immediately suspicious of the Telemarketer and the product being sold. “,
“The Potential Customer openly expresses her doubts and presents objections.”,
“Even though she might not realize it, the Potential Customer would benefit from the product.”,
“The Potential Customer is reasonable.”,
“The Potential Customer has little knowledge of the product.”,
“The Potential Customer has preconceived notions about the product that are not true.”,
“The Potential Customer is temperamental but will not hang up the phone during the course of the call.”,
“The Potential Customer’s name is Megan McDoul.”
“Intent”: “The User must sell a Swimming Pool to the Potential Customer.”,