Introducing AI Assist for Structured Prompt

by | May 10, 2023

Introducing AI Assist: A Revolutionary Feature for the Structured Prompt Application

May 10, 2023 – Today, we are excited to announce the launch of AI Assist, an exciting new feature for the Structured Prompt application. This innovative tool uses advanced artificial intelligence to transform basic input into a fully-formed TRACI prompt, which users can then edit and fine-tune to suit their specific needs.

As a versatile prompting framework, TRACI provides the foundation for creating highly effective prompts in the Structured Prompt helper tool for ChatGPT. By incorporating AI Assist, users can effortlessly generate sophisticated prompts tailored to their unique objectives, roles, audiences, formats, and intents.

AI Assist streamlines the process of crafting TRACI prompts by interpreting a user’s basic input and generating a detailed prompt with the following key elements:

  • {TASK}: Define the general type of output the prompt aims to achieve, with the option to include additional parameters to refine the response.

  • {ROLE}: Specify the title or persona of the individual presenting the response, with the option to add further parameters to enhance the output.
  • {AUDIENCE}: Identify the target audience of the response, with the ability to provide extra parameters for increased precision.
  • {CREATE}: Offer clear instructions on the desired response format, with the option to include supplementary parameters to optimize the result.
  • {INTENT}: Indicate the overall intention or purpose of the prompt, with the flexibility to add more parameters for improved outcomes.

By leveraging AI Assist, users of the Structured Prompt application can enjoy a seamless experience in designing high-quality TRACI prompts that are fully customizable to their specific needs. The introduction of AI Assist marks a significant milestone in the ongoing development and enhancement of the Structured Prompt application, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of AI-powered tools for ChatGPT users.

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