From Simple Input to Detailed Instructions: {Structured} Prompt for Short Stories

by | May 24, 2023

ChatGPT for short stories

How {Structured} Prompt Helps Spin Tales

Every storyteller, from a novice writer to an AI language model like OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, thrives on the ability to harness the magic of language. But sometimes, the creativity needed to transform a raw idea into a polished piece of prose requires a little assistance. Enter the {Structured} Prompt tool, a user-friendly platform designed to breathe life into your ideas, by transforming simple prompts into detailed, structured ones.

Take, for instance, a simple request like this:

“Write a short story about an apple farmer in Appleton, Maine who is having a difficult time delivering his apples to market. Write in the style of Ernest Hemingway. Use dialogue and descriptive language to tell the story. The story should have a plot arc and a compelling ending.”

Such a prompt is fairly specific, but it could be hard to parse for both humans and AI. There’s a lot to juggle: the storytelling format, the geographical location, the stylistic homage, and the need for a structured plot.

Here’s where {Structured} Prompt lends its magic. It takes such a prompt and breaks it down into a detailed, structured format that can guide writers — human or machine — with enhanced clarity. Here’s how it handles our initial apple farmer story:

Task: Write a short story about an apple farmer in Appleton, Maine 
who is having a difficult time delivering his apples to market.
 - Include a plot arc
 - Have a compelling ending
 - Focus on the farmer's struggles
Role: Author in the style of Ernest Hemingway
 - Use descriptive language
 - Incorporate dialogue
 - Minimalist prose style
Audience: General readers interested in short stories
 - Enjoy immersive storytelling
 - Appreciate vivid descriptions
 - Look for strong character development
Create: A short story about an apple farmer
 - Set in Appleton, Maine
 - Include the apple farmer's journey to the market
 - Show the farmer's resilience
Intent: To tell an engaging story about an apple farmer's struggles
 - Emphasize the farmer's determination
 - Illustrate the challenges faced
 - Deliver a satisfying resolution

By transforming the prompt into a structured format, {Structured} Prompt has created a comprehensive guide for our storytelling endeavor, turning a multi-faceted task into a well-defined map for a compelling narrative.

This structured approach empowers OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, allowing it to produce a story that meets all the given requirements. The resultant story is a testament to the magic of structured prompts, one where an apple farmer, the spirit of resilience, and the stylistic prowess of Ernest Hemingway come together in a beautifully woven tale.

Final Havest

In the crisp dawn of Appleton, Maine, old Bill Langley walked his apple-laden land, hands trailing the rough bark of McIntosh and Granny Smith trees, bending with age but resilient like him. There was something about this land. Maybe it was the soil, rich and dark as midnight, or the air, sharp and clean as a northern wind. Or perhaps it was the spirit of endurance and growth the apple trees bore year after year. He, like his trees, had weathered many a storm.

One hand absentmindedly plucked a russet apple, fingers brushing against the smooth skin before tucking it into the pocket of his worn overalls. A soft smile crept over his face as he looked over his hard-won crop, ready for market. But getting it there wasn’t as simple. With fuel costs sky-high, and his old pickup truck’s engine knocking like a restless ghost, he found himself between the tree and the bark.

“The old girl’s got one more ride in her,” the mechanic had told him, face grim. Bill nodded, understanding the silent undercurrent. It was an expensive risk, a coin toss he was forced to make.

“I’ll see what I can do, Bill,” the mechanic promised, a solidarity among men who worked with their hands.

Bill spent the following days in a dance with the truck and his apple crop. He harvested in the morning chill, arms shaking from the weight of bushels, sweat slipping down the small of his back. In the evenings, he nursed the engine, hands blackened by oil and grime. He spoke to the truck, whispering encouragements and pleas, hands caressing the rusted metal as if it were another living, breathing thing.

Finally, the day of market came. Dawn hadn’t yet broken; the world was quiet, but for the creaking of the loaded truck and the rustling of the trees, like old men whispering secrets.

The engine roared to life on the third attempt. He released a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. The old truck rumbled, shaking with the weight of its burden, but holding. One last ride, he thought, guiding her onto the winding dirt roads leading to town.

As he rolled into Appleton, the sun was peeking over the horizon. People milled about, setting up stalls, their breaths forming clouds in the crisp air. The truck shuddered, a metallic groan filling the air, before settling into an uneasy silence.

“I knew you had it in you,” he whispered to the truck, a soft pat on the hood in gratitude.

Unloading the crates of apples, he set up his stall, taking a moment to appreciate the vibrancy of his apples under the morning sun. He was proud. Of his trees, his apples, his land. Even the stubborn old truck that got him here. There was an honor in struggle, a sense of achievement that couldn’t be bought.

As the day grew brighter, customers trickled in, marveling at the quality of Bill’s apples, their compliments a soothing balm to his tired body. He sold every last one of them, pocketing the cash with a sigh of relief.

He walked back to his truck, empty but for a single russet apple. He bit into it, sweet juice trickling down his chin, as he looked at his now silent companion. The journey had been hard, the road filled with worry and toil, but they’d made it. Together.

Resilience was indeed the spirit of Appleton, and Bill Langley, the apple farmer, was a testament to it.

By providing detailed instructions, {Structured} Prompt is a remarkable tool that helps in the generation of richer, more vivid stories. It’s a valuable asset to both human writers and AI models, facilitating clearer communication, and resulting in more engaging, tailored content.

So, whether you’re an AI enthusiast, a writer seeking a better way to frame your prompts, or simply someone who enjoys spinning tales, {Structured} Prompt is a tool that can take your creativity to new heights. Give it a whirl and watch as your simple ideas transform into structured masterpieces.